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November 7, 2017

We are focused on our growth potential (Photo: PAN OCEAN)

we have leveraged on our head start against other indigenous oil explorers to build a professionally run organization with high-end service delivery and responsible community development portfolio.

We regard our support for community groups and funding of multitude of non profit organizations that provide needed services and enrich society as a privilege. Helping to ensure that young Nigerians are equipped, prepared and encouraged to embrace self-improvement and self worth is a priority

Pan Ocean Oil Corporation (Nigeria) Ltd.  has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 1973. We are the only indigenous company currently in a joint venture relationship with the national oil company of Nigeria, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation. We are also among the leading exploration and production companies in Nigeria, and we continue to experience rapid growth.

Our community engagement is governed by these principles:

  • Operate in a responsible, ethical and honest manner in all dealings and negotiations
  • To interact and maintain two-way communication between the communities and us
  • To provide communication channels, which may be accessed by the communities
  • To provide communication channels, which may be accessed by the communities
  • Adopt a responsible and pro-active approach towards safety and environmental management in relation to our operations

Harnessing the power of collaboration with various stakeholders to achieve sustainable development in the communities where we operate
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